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the meaning of life

The meaning of life is a video art project which consist in a 5:30 minutes video. It comes with a box which contains a usb flashdrive (with the video and more digital contents), a 6x7cm (2.4x2.8in) oil on wood painting and an instruction sheet on own to replicate the video at home. It is available in 50 pieces numbered and signed by the artist. Each piece contains a unique painting, signed by the artist and ready to hang.


I started working on this project after seeing my nephews playing with a toy in their room. I looked at the toy and thought it was a pretty interesting representation of what I believe is the meaning of life. I decided, then, to make a video of that very same object working on its own. I wanted, then, to create a product out of this video. I wanted to make it as pop as possible and started playing on the name of the video to create a box which contains 'The meaning of life' and the instruction sheet to replicate it. I inserted in the box a 'making of' the project because, accumulating pictures and material while working, I started understanding that it was getting a second, finer meaning: maybe, working on a project to show my ideas and trying to involve people in it was the meaning of life. Maybe, the meaning of life was creativity itself.

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